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Enjoy Dedicated Neurology Transcription Services with Us

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Need someone to render digital video recordings into word documents? Looking for a transcription service to convert your general correspondence, doctor’s clinical findings and medical history?

Who We Are

We’ve been in the industry since 1999, offering medical transcription services to a huge roster of clients that continue to grow. Our clients have included doctors and private practices along with hospitals, MTSOs and other healthcare organizations in Canada, Australia and the US. With our commitment to outstanding and cost-effective service, our clients of over 175 healthcare organizations know they can trust us.

What We Do

Among the many services we offer at Eyered Transcription is neurology transcription. Our neurology transcriptionists are well-trained and have the necessary skill set for the job. We don’t stop there, though. We train and retrain our teams constantly to ensure they know the latest trends—and use the latest technologies—in the industry. Whether you’re a person or organization, we’ll work with you to give you a solution uniquely tailored to you, your team or your business. And we’ll use the latest technologies and market trends to make that happen. That’s how we help make your business globally competitive.

Where We Are

We have 7 transcription facilities in many major cities in India. Our facilities are equipped with the latest in security measures and technologies not just to ensure the safety of our teams but also to protect the information of our clients. With a team that numbers 300 people, we make sure we offer the best and safest working environments in the nation.

Why Choose Us

Want to know what benefits you can look forward to when you choose us as your partner for medical transcription services? Want to hear more about how we can improve your performance results, keep costs down and make your business better?

Here’s a look at how we make these all possible:

Save a Lot on Costs

We offer you outstanding and dedicated service that you can get for the fraction of the cost of a medical transcriptionist in the US. Those cost-savings can go to your core business, your teams or your patients.

Do More With Less

With our transcription specialists, you won’t have to worry about your medical transcription needs. We can take care of it for you. And because you won’t have to worry about hiring and managing your own in-house transcription team, you get to spare yourself the stress and added work. No need to worry about taxes and benefits, hiring, recruitment and training. With us, you have a dedicated team of professionals—with the right skill set and training, ready to deliver the service you need—sans the added costs and stress of hiring and managing your own. That’s how we help you do more with less.

We’re Experts at What We Do

Our team of medical transcriptionists and editors are all trained to handle the job. From being familiar with medical terms to knowing how transcription systems work, our employees offer have what it takes, in terms of skill and qualifications, to help your practice improve or improve your organization’s performance.

Gain a Dedicated Team

While talent is crucial, we hire our people based on another important quality: dedication, the ability to be here, to be reliable. These are people who are committed to the same vision of delivering medical transcription services that are speedy, spot-on and cost-effective to clients. With us, you don’t just get competence, you get dedication.

We Make the Effort

We respect deadlines and go the extra mile to make sure we provide you with quality service you deserve. We won’t go home until every deadline is done. We reach out to you to make sure we’ve covered all the bases. For us, service isn’t just talk. It’s everyday service.

Speed Drives Our Delivery Times

We know delays can detract from the value of our service. That’s why we do our best to make sure we deliver the work on time. We’re obsessed about doing it the fastest way we can without having to compromise on quality. And if something does come up to get in the way of our commitment to speedy delivery times, we’ll let you know right away so you can make preparations on your end. And if you’ve got rush orders, let us know. We’ll do what we can to help you pull through any tight spots with ease.

Accuracy is the Name of the Game

Best of all, our team knows accuracy is one of the top qualities that all excellent medical transcription services demonstrate. That’s why we train our people to develop and improve on their accuracy. By doing so, we ensure service levels that leave a lot of our competition in the dust.

Free Trial

Want to learn for yourself how well we can work together? We offer you a 7 day trial—for free. Experience the full range of what our medical transcription team can offer you. We’re excited to work with you. For more on our free trial, click here.

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