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How to Avoid Pitfalls in Getting Medical Transcription

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The healthcare industry today is changing radically; and requires dealing with many new laws and compliances. Additionally with a higher need of enhanced healthcare; physicians are left with very little or no time to tackle medical transcription and other clerical tasks themselves. So either they have to resort to getting in-house staff to handle these services or get the services outsourced. As medical transcription services require working with critical and non- critical medical data; it is necessary that all transcription is done with utmost care and accuracy.

As even a small error in medical transcription can endanger patient safety most physicians prefer to get the services outsourced to an experienced partner; which helps them avoid management of in-house staff involved in transcriptions, keeping records, turnaround time, HIPAA compliance, technology, maintenance of equipment, and all the other verticals related to completing medical transcription services.

Most common medical transcription errors to avoid

  • Not speaking clearly or poor sound quality which hinders the transcriptionist in understanding the physician’s dictation
  • Not keeping a standard format for dictated notes which can confuse the transcriptionist
  • Working with transcriptionists who are untrained, unfamiliar with medical terms, or have limited knowledge about the industry
  • Inadequate quality checks and no proofreading of the final reports

Avoiding pitfalls & errors by getting right medical transcription services

Whether you are deciding to get experienced in-house staff for your transcription needs or outsource the services to a professional medical transcription company; here are few important points to look out for to ensure least errors and processing time.

Low turnaround time: 

A good transcriptionist company or expert will be able to provide the reports within a standard turnaround time of about 24 hours or maybe even lower for an additional fee at times. You need to shop around for services with a low turnaround time and stay away from those which are much longer than 24 hours; to help save valuable time.

Certified transcriptionists: 

You’ll also want to check that the company employs certified medical transcriptionists who are well-trained and experienced about – medical terms, updated about new healthcare laws, HIPPA compliance and so on. In case of errors the transcriptionist needs to be knowledgeable enough to quickly spot the errors and set them right quickly. Make sure the transcriptionists follows good quality and proofreading steps and have a good understanding of the medical industry.

Specialist services:

If you are a specialist it is important to outsource to a company which has experience in your specialty. You can do this by checking references and asking to see examples of their past work for your field. In this case try to get a reference list of the company’s clientele in your area; rather than just the favorable ones of the company.

Choosing between domestic and offshore Services: 

While outsourcing the services you need to find out whether the services will be done domestically or offshores; or whether they will be divided. While offshoring may result in cheaper rates; it is best to check for accuracy before choosing this service. Make sure to get the right details in the contract regarding the percentage of reports which will be offshored. If most of the documents are critical ones which require high level of accuracy then it is better to have a higher percentage of domestic transcription services; where you can ensure better accuracy. For office use reports it can be a good option to choose a higher percentage of an offshore-heavy service.

Good quality check in place:

 A good transcription service generally has good quality proofing in place. They provide two to four layers of quality assurance, which means three or four individual people, including the transcriptionist, will take a look at your transcribed record before it is returned for your signature. In this way there is increased guarantee that errors will be caught and rectified before you receive them; hence saving you a lot of time due to fewer errors.

Finally if all the above points have been covered; it means you have majorly averted getting affected by the common pitfalls while getting medical transcription reports. All in all by outsourcing medical transcription to the right firms has resulted in many physicians increasing their savings and in turn profits. This is because the physicians are at ease that their reports are in reliable hands; and they can easily concentrate on looking at more patients and providing qualitative healthcare services.

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