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Why Outsourcing Urology Transcription Services Make Sense?

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Outsourcing of Urology transcription services by specialist doctors has resulted in high accuracy levels of low pricing, which has resulted in saving of over 50% on costs overtime. Besides general medical reports accurate urology transcripts related to various different types of reports can be outsourced like bilateral vasovasostomy, bladder instillation, prostatic hyperplasia, surgical procedures and so on

What to look for in a Urology transcriptionist?

Urology is a vast field including surgical and non-surgical procedures and hence requires knowledge of internal medicine, nephrology, synecology, andrology and oncology. While outsourcing a team of trained urology transcriptionists who are trained on the terminology specific to urology transcription reports becomes vital. Specialized urology transcriptionists are trained on looking into every report for high quality and as quickly as possible. Urology transcription specialists can document various reports like clinic notes, patient reports, consultation reports, procedures and follow up notes, lab reports, health reports, etc.

Why avail urology transcription services?

  • Enhanced Quality: Specialized transcription companies ensures a 3 level quality check  before submission and the transcriptionists generally have a lot of experience in the urology specialty to ascertain that the medical terminologies are correctly documented. Double checking of the data ensures high level of quality and accuracy
  • Reduced Error Rate: Since most of the transcription work is done by specialists and not by an employee bogged down with numerous clinical tasks, neither by any speech recognition software, there is a high turnout of error free transcripts with a very low error rate.
  • 100% HIPAA Compliance:  Outsourced medical transcription companies ensure that each member undergoes regular HIPAA training. This ensures complete security and confidentiality of the data.
  • Affordable services: With highly competitive market, the specialist also offer highly competitive rates today which are not only affordable but also highly rated in terms of customer satisfaction
  • Increased Savings: Urology transcriptionists require longer hours of training and finding, outsourcing to specialists helps provide high savings to the healthcare practice
  • Quick turnaround time: Specialists by concentrating solely on providing transcription services are able to deliver in a speedy manner and process documents within required and quick turnaround times
  • Tide easily through emergency situations: quick and accurate transcriptions help urologists to easily make it through emergency situations in a successful manner

Specialized medical transcriptionists are experienced in proofreading and editing common urological problems, terminology, procedures and related drugs; allowing quick and accurate delivery of transcripts for patient reports. This leaves urologists stress free regarding the documentation of their reports resulting in highly improved patient care

Blending state-of-the-art technologies, the latest software and professional experience, specialists can provide accurate transcripts for urologists in the specified format to meet stringent deadlines.

We understand all the above qualities and with years of experience in Urology transcription we can help meet all your goals effectively.


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