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Eyered Transcription Services provides medical transcription services to over 75 hospitals, practices, individual doctors and MTSOs in the United States. Eyered has a larger client base than any other medical transcription service provider in India, providing services to over 300 doctors.

Below are testimonials from some of our “satisfied” clients. We would be happy to provide more references on request.

“I have been using them for several months, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Their accuracy is just as good as any local medical transcription service. I was previously using a local service at double the price and no better accuracy. One of the best features (besides quality transcription) is the turnaround time. I can vouch that if your files go out in a timely fashion after the office closes, your transcription will almost always be there the next morning. There is no need for a STAT dictation because it is all done STAT . I communicate with Eyered by e-mail, and this has worked very well for me. If I have a question, I just e-mail them , and I usually get an answer the next day. I use a digital recorder (as does the occupational therapist in my office) and send the files electronically to Eyered. This can be done via e-mail or a direct FTP transfer. I can send these files from the home, office, or anywhere that I have a computer.”

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