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Medical Transcription Services

Eyered is a leading Medical Transcription Company with over 15 years of experience in this field. We offer transcription services to individual doctors, medical practices, hospitals and MTSOs in the United States.

Our prime focus is to take the routine office work out of health care services, leaving the doctors free to focus on patient care. We ensure that the transcription is swift, accurate and economical.

Eyered Transcription never compromises on the quality of medical transcription services. Our offshore medical transcription service takes the advantage of the difference in time between the countries. When the doctor has finished his day’s work in the United States and sends it off to Eyered, we begin our day’s work!

Our transcription facility is equipped with state of the art facilities and there are over 250 transcriptionists transcribing over 60,000 lines every day. We have on board highly experienced quality analysts in India who check and edit the content of transcribed files before sending them back to the client.

Outsource Medical Transcription to Eyered and we assure 99%+ accuracy. All the doctor has to do is to send us voice recordings of the medical notes, patient’s history or letters. The transcripts can be sent either by FTP, email EMR. We have experience with all the popular EMRs in the market.

Medical Transcription Services in India are Compliant with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). You can rest assured that the confidential healthcare information of your patients is secure with Eyered. HIPAA ensures protection of confidential healthcare information through some stringent security standards. Eyered fulfills the Act’s requirements for storing patient information and we can establish an audit trail of all those who have accessed this information.

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