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EMR transcription made easy with Transcription services!

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An Electronic Medical Record (EMR) service helps form a well functioning healthcare system which not only takes better care of patients but also helps medical practices perform better financially.

The drawback in the EMR is the under utilization or the challenges like investment, preparation and training of staff while changing from paper records. While transitioning from paper records to EMR Transcription the clinic would also need to provide training to staff on updating of computer skills, and current technology.

With the help of an outsourced transcription services company, these major hurdles can be taken care of easily with the expertise and industry knowledge of the company. A transcription service can help set up the right electronic medical record (EMR) solution for your medical practice.

The transcription company and the doctor’s office after sharing of relevant information- can strategically make accurate judgment regarding which type of EMR is best suited for their clinic. The company’s technologically sound team can also help easily integrate voice capture, transcription workflow, and import documents directly into the electronic system.

How does it work?

Post dictation, providers can send their audio files to the transcription service; where the transcriptionists covert the information into a document. Then once audit and quality review is complete, the transcriptionist will upload the completed file to an online platform or cloud storage where it can be immediately imported into the doctor’s EMR system.

How to Select EMR Software?

A degree in medicine, does not prepare the physician for the software knowledge he needs these days to run his office smoothly. Due to government, payers and market forces all pushing physicians to consider an Electronic Medical Records strategy today many physicians are finding themselves focused on software these days. Here are few important tips physicians can keep in mind while selecting software-

  • Take the lead- This change will impact the office significantly so the process requires to be led by the physician himself rather than back-office staff. This is to avoid future problems like rigid workflows that change how the doctor interacts with patients
  • Define requirements– Rather than depending on the software salesmen’s pitch, it is better to map out an ideal workflow and how you interact with office staff to complete a patient visit. This helps determine stuff like limiting the system to electronic charting, or end-to-end solution that extends all the way to claim management
  • EMR for specialty– While majority of EMR products are designed to serve a wide range of medical practices; others are designed for specialties. If it is a specialty that requires focus then getting such an EMR is beneficial as it allows them to design systems around the unique needs of physicians within their target market resulting in a more familiar workflow for the specialist and less customization

Other areas to take care of would include – ease of use, integrating the system into practice management, future upgrades, vendor viability, budget, technology, training and so on.

Making transition to EMR Transcription easier

An experienced transcription company helps brings together all the strengths of its transcription team to help you ascertain the best EMR for your clinic. Here’s what else they can offer in context to EMR-

  • May provides a simple interface to accurately capture all critical details patient’s record
  • Be quick to spot potential errors and marking them for your review in order to achieve a high rate of accuracy, transcriptionists can assist in enhancing the integrity of patient’s information and help protect patient safety with HIPAA guidelines

EMR and transcription services complement each other and getting the right transcription partner can help transition effortlessly to a brand new EMR platform to eventually achieve higher savings and satisfied patients in a cost effective manner.

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