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Anesthesiology Transcription Services

Anesthesiology is an integral part of any surgical procedure.  It is not a standalone branch of medical science and deals with multi-specialty treatment, pain management and after care.  Due to the wide spectrum of this field, anesthesiologists have to handle large chunk of patient records and other relevant information. Any glitch or loss of data can severely impend patient care, which is why Anesthesiology Transcription is a sought after service seeked by leading health care providers, hospitals, nursing homes and doctors.

Eyered offers state of the art Anesthesiology Transcription Services

Accuracy, quick turnaround time are two important requisites of a good anesthesiology transcription service.  At Eyered, we offer both. We have a team of highly experienced transcriptionists, with a track record of 99 percent accuracy. Our experts in anesthesiology transcription are well versed with healthcare documentation, medical terminology, anatomy, editing, grammar, punctuation etc.

We also understand that the work of an anesthesiologist is beyond the realm of an operating room. They are required to render continued support to a patient in recovery. Quick delivery of medical reports is a key for effective follow-up and pain management. Our team of anesthesiology transcriptionists responds within a quick turnaround time of 12 hours, thus aiding you to provide a robust after care service to your patients.

Audio Transcript Assignment has never been this easy

English philosopher and physician John Locke once spoke that “the improvement of understanding is for two ends: first, our own increase of knowledge; secondly, to enable us to deliver that knowledge to others.” A firm believer of that philosophy at Eyered, we constantly strive to improve ourselves.

With over 15 year experience in the field of medical transcription, has allowed us to develop a full secured audio transcript assignment system with adherence to HIPPA compliance. We rely upon latest technologies, which help our client to use multiple diction option and transcription into EMR/EHR.

Compelling Price Point

At only 6 cents per line, Eyered offers one of the best anesthesiology transcription services.  For a free trial, email us at or call us at 91-98106-20086 today!


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