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Why Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Transcription is required?

In current times, all over the world, more and more healthcare related services offering individuals and organizations are availing Electronic Medical Records Transcription. These individuals and organizations basically consist of private nursing homes, hospitals, self medical practitioner and many others. However, what is the reason of these EMR transcriptions getting popular. If you want to know the reason, just keep reading on….

Conventional EMR Keeping Process

Details of the patient are the most important aspect of any treatment program. The importance of these details can be analyzed by this information that they are a must requirement of every medical organization. These organizations before initiating any medical procedure make sure that they have all the previous records of the particular patient. These details include the complete physical condition of the patient, and every such information which could be vital. They could even consist of the treatment the particular patient has undergone earlier, the issues that frequently affects him/her and the symptoms that is most often witnessed. All these information helps the doctor, physician and the health care service provider better understand the issues affecting the patient and get better insight about its medical history. A few years ago, all these information, used to be inscribed on paper, which was ultimately kept or stored in cabinets. But, as the whole process, which consist of filing, retrieving, and storing, were quite a complex, complicated and burdensome one. So, it in such kind of situation, where availing EMR transcription helps a lot.

What is Electronic Medical Records Transcription?

EMR transcription involves transferring the physical, written medical records of patient’s via electronic medium. Doctors and medical institution may use paper, as usual or Dictaphones instead of paper in recording the patients’ condition and treatment. These records are then transferred in to an electronic record, usually computerized format, by an Electronic Medical Records Transcription (EMR) company. These medical records are then also stored on digital devices, mainly computers instead of on paper and files. Also, the records are computerized on an almost real time basis.

Advantages of (EMR) Electronic Medical Records Transcription

There is no dearth of benefits of using Electronic Medical Records Transcription (EMR). The foremost among them is that by converting the recorded files into digital form, it is also quite easier to store and retrieve any patient’s complete information in a very short duration of time. Apart from that, availing such services helps the healthcare providers save a substantial amount which otherwise would have been spent on creating the infrastructure and hiring the professionals. Although, one has to pay for availing such services, but in the long run one can feel the difference, as utilizing such services is even much cheaper than complete storage costs of papers and files.

At Eyered transcription, we offer our clients best customized transcription solutions in almost every medical fields. It is our years of experience in this field and skill, that we have developed and acquired in the mean while, which lures, more and more, globally located organizations to try our Electronic Medical Records Transcription services.EMR transcription is basically a kind of service where the medical records in audio format are recorded in more convenient and accessible digital medium. These facilities are basically availed by individual and institutional healthcare providers, who require it to get their patient diagnosis, treatment and condition record, which are depicted on paper or Dictaphones, to get converted into digital format. At Eyered, we accept such kind of records, digitizes the whole thing and transfer back to our client in a more convenient computerized format. The services offered by us, helps our clients to easily maintain and store the complete records. In this way they can easily organize their data and also make sure that they can easily maintain and store these records for every future retrieval and reference. The other vital aspect of our EMR transcription services is that our price does not burn holes in our customer’s pocket.To make sure that we are delivering highly accurate services, we check the digital record on various quality parameters. The technologies that we cover under Electronic Medical Records are Computerized Physician Order Entry, Laboratory Information Systems, Pharmacy Information Systems, Radiology Information Systems, Picture Archiving and Communication Systems, Decision Support Systems and a host of related EMR systems and applications. It is these technologies which help the concerned medical practitioner to review the complete medical reports in their own system, in a much convenient and quick manner.
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