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Family Practice Transcription Services

Family practice specialty offers wide range of primary and preventive health care facility for people of different age groups (pediatric, adolescent, adult & geriatric). Patients visit a family physician for routine health checkups, screening, diagnosis and immunization. Some of these facilities also specialize in the management of chronic illnesses, OB/GYN, prenatal care and orthopedists.  Offering a wide spectrum of specialties, office of a family practitioner is swarming with a lot of paper work, diagnostic reports, imaging results, lab tests reports etc.  To streamline everyday workflow general physicians or family practitioner are required to engage family practice transcription services, to minimize effort and optimize output.

Eyered specializes in family practice transcription services

Most families or individuals only relay on their family physician to address any kind of medical emergency.  The patient and the doctor have a long standing relationship which sometimes is carried through generations. Family physicians usually have complete details of patients and their family members. These particulars may include information on past illnesses, ailments, allergies, medicines, drug history, mental health condition etc. This information is highly sensitive and there can be no room for error or loss of data.

At Eyered, we value this relationship by offering specialized family practice transcription service which is based on our 15 years of experience in the field.  We have a team of highly skilled transcriptionists who are well versed with medical terminologies. They understand the language of medicine and can deliver medical transcripts with an accuracy rate of 99%.

Get family practice transcription done in a quick turnaround time.

Cost optimization and quick turnaround time makes absolute sense in a dynamic industry such as healthcare. With our family practice transcription service you can cut cost by as much has 60%. We also have a quick response. Just use our multiple diction option to send audio files and receive the transcripts in 12 hours. Call us at 91-98106-20086 or email at to start with our free trial!


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