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Medical Dictation Services in India

More and more health service providers, individual doctors and hospitals in the United States and other countries are using the excellent services of medical dictation to India and its transcription into Word files provided by Eyered Transcription Services. Our transcription services make sound economical sense and reduce the non-medical aspects of the services provided by doctors and hospitals and their underlying problems.

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Eyered provides state of the art end to end solutions of Medical Transcription Services. It begins with the concerned doctor’s medical dictation to India of his notes, patient history, correspondence and billing needs. He is assured of overnight delivery of HIPAA compliant error free results over the Internet that has been edited by medical experts in the field. This leaves the doctor with more time to focus on his patients’ needs and other interests.

Medical dictation to India can be carried out in a number of convenient ways. Our clients dictate the matter that needs our medical transcription services from India on digitally recorded voice files. They can use hand held digital voice recorders which are an inexpensive and simple way of recording dictations at any time and anywhere. The recorder is connected to a computer and sent over the Internet to the Eyered server and then on to our transcription center.

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Clients can also use our toll-free phone-in dictation facility from their home, office or cell phone. Each client is allotted a confidential PIN number and account number and can record dictations at any time. These voice files are then accessed by trained transcribers and the transcription edited and proof read by experts from the same field of medicine. The transcribed files are encrypted and sent back to the client by email, secure FTP or VPN transfers.

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