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Nephrology Transcription Services

A nephrologist concerns himself/herself with the study and diagnostic treatment of the kidney or renal functions.  In nephrology an analysis of patient’s case history and other vital health parameters like sugar levels, BP, calcium levels in the body is very important. For an effective treatment and diagnosis of kidney related disease, a renal physician is required to refer of an overwhelming number of lab reports and notes. To help individual physicians, diagnostic centers and hospitals structure large amount of patient data, Eyered has been offering medical transcription services in a number of medical domains including nephrology transcription for over 15 years.

Eyered offers end to end nephrology transcription service

By letting third party handle all transcription related work, hospitals and individual physicians can eliminate paperwork and overheard costs and strictly focus on their core expertise which is to provide top notch health care facility to patients visiting them. Eyered’s nephrology transcription service include a host of offering which includes transcription of documents or audio files related to chronic kidney diseases, kidney stones diseases , dialysis & kidney transplantation, renal osteodystrophy, renal replacement therapy, renal cancer etc.

We also have a team of highly skilled nephrology transcriptionists who are familiar with medical terminologies and have a sound knowledge of physiology and anatomy of the human body.  They possess the ability to generate transcribed files with impeccable grammar, punctuations and spellings and 99 percent accuracy.   Once our medical transcriptionists have done transcribing all files, it is sent to experts for edit and verification, before the client receives the final draft.

The advantage of time difference

Speed and accuracy are two important pillars of any health care facility. For continued patient care, real time updates and quick delivery of reports is crucial. Based out in India, Eyered offers the advantage of time difference for health professionals in UK, US and Australia. Our response time of 12 hours, allow you to generate quick diagnostic reports.  Call us to book a free trial. Let our work speak for itself. Email us at or call us at 91-98106-20086 today!


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