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Neurology Transcription Services

Neurology is a multi-facet field that concern with study and treatment of the nervous system. There are several branches of neuroscience that may deal with the treatment of specific neurological disorders or its underlying problem. A neurologist is a specialist who not just treats patients with neurological disorders but also helps in diagnosis and investigation.  They may also be involved in clinical research, neurosurgery, clinical trials and teaching.  Due to the dynamic nature of this field, neurology transcription is a highly sought after service that a number of individual physicians, hospitals and neurologists seek.

Eyered offers ace neurology transcription services

Neurologists will be extremely satisfied with the accuracy and turnaround time of Eyered’s neurology transcription service. Our well trained medical transcriptionists can speedily convert digital voice recordings of doctor’s clinical findings, medical history and general correspondence into word files in any format desired by the specialists. They are well-versed and knowledgeable in every field of neurology and understand the language of medicine and technicalities of medical transcription.

We are a HIPAA compliant healthcare documentation service based in India that undertakes transcription work from healthcare services, medical clinics, hospitals and doctors in the United States.

Quality service at a fraction of a price

Our rates are reasonable and by taking advantage of the time difference between the two countries, we can deliver the encrypted files of the Neurology Transcription overnight.  At just 6 cent per line, we offer high quality, on-time and cost effective medical transcription service. To know most about out service, contact us for a free seven day trialEmail us at or call us at 91-98106-20086 today!

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