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Physical Therapy Transcription Services

As you know, physical therapy is a lot of work. Pulling and pushing of joints and muscles, rejuvenating unused tendons and strengthening ligaments guided by the knowledge of body and movement—is no simple task. But that’s really only one side of the story.

Documenting the results of therapy work is an essential and often tedious part of the job. After going through an entire list of patients, do you even have time to make sense of all your documents?

Make your life easier by turning to a professional physical therapy transcription service for your physical therapy documents. Do away with the pain of working through handwritten reports, notes and references – instead experiencing the relief of seeing all the information you need neatly sorted out in a digitized format, accessible at any moment by a mobile device, tablet or computer.

Eyered Cures All Your Physical Therapy Transcription Needs

Physical therapy services and businesses in the United States have enjoyed Eyered’s transcription services for the past 15 years. We transcribe anything from medical reports, patient history files and hospital documentation while always handling your information in a HIPAA compliant manner.

Medical proceedings, therapy sessions, and patient interviews are just some of the jobs we’ve transcribed into typed, readable formats. However, our skilled team is flexible to any task you need completed.

Physical Therapy Transcription is a Quick and Easy Process

Audio transcription with Eyered is a breeze. Recordings are gathered via voice recorders, smartphones or by speaking into our toll-free telephone dictation system. Once your voice file is recorded, it can then be sent to our transcription team via email, file transfer protocols (FTP) or electronic medical record (EMR) systems.

We hold a 99 percent transcription accuracy rate, thanks to our hardworking quality assurance team that proofs all transcriptions before being sent out. Once edits have been performed and the work is error-free, we’ll send it to you directly.

Healthcare professionals, small clinics and departments in major hospitals can streamline their process by making use of Eyered’s physical therapy transcription services. Get a free trial today by emailing us at or calling 91-98106-20086!

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