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Psychology Transcription Services

Psychology is as complex as the human mind it seeks to understand. And you know above all how taxing it can be to keep track of patient interviews and treatments histories. A single interview session could yield several pages of detailed notes alone, not to mention factoring in the entire paper trail throughout a patient’s treatment cycle.

Thankfully, psychology transcription services can take your information and transform it into a digital format able to be accessed from your laptop, tablet or smart phone. Sifting through stacks of paper will be a thing of the past. Have all the data you need available whenever you need it.

Eyered: The Best Psychology Transcription Service You Can Get

Eyered is a leading figure in the transcription industry. We have a dedicated team of talented transcriptionists who are trained to handle a variety of transcription jobs, particularly in the legal and health fields. We also employ a team of quality control specialist to ensure your transcriptions are mistake-free. And it’s worked. We currently hold a 99 percent accuracy rate, considered the highest among transcription services. We’re also HIPPA compliant in everything we handle, guaranteeing the privacy of your patient and giving you peace of mind.

Getting Your Psychology Transcription Done

Create audio copies of your records with any digital recorder or smart phone. Next, send them to us through email, EMR or FTP. And if you’d like, you can directly dictate what needs to be transcribed via phone through our toll-free dictation system.

We turn around psychology transcription orders in fewer than 12 hours. Once you send your audio records to us, our transcriptionists will work to complete each line of transcription before being sent to the quality control team for final polishing.

Your psychology career shouldn’t have to suffer because of mismanaged records. Eyered offers psychology transcription services so you don’t have to. Start your free trial today by emailing us at or calling 91-98106-20086!

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