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Pulmonary Transcription Services

Tobacco smoking, air pollution, exposure to harmful substances and occupational dusts and chemicals are some reasons that contribute towards the development of pulmonary diseases. Pulmonology is a medical specialist who deals in the study, diagnosis and treatment of the respiratory tract infection and diseases. Treating a chest infection requires a considerable assessment of multiple diagnostic reports (laboratory investigation, X-ray, blood test results) and complete case history of the patient which include vital information’s like family history, details about place of employment or residence, smoking habit etc.  In order to manage and file this array of reports and findings getting hold of a good pulmonary transcription service provider is imperative.

Eyered offers best pulmonary transcription service

Pulmonary transcription is a very intricate in field of medical transcription service.  At Eyered, our specialists dealing in pulmonary transcription understand the diagnostic and treatment process of pulmonary diseases.  They understand that every medical information mentioned in raw files (audio or hand written notes) is important for the treatment and diagnosis of respiratory and chest infection. Our offering includes end to end pulmonary medical coding and medical transcription service with 99 percent accuracy.

Easy Start

Our transcription process assures easy and secured transfer of files through multi- diction option system.  We have a quick turnaround time of less and 24 hours, with all transcribed files going through strict quality and accuracy check.  We offer a free 7 days, no obligation free trial to all our prospective clients. To avail the free trial, please email us at or call us at 91-98106-20086 today!

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