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Pulmonology Transcription Services

Pulmonary diseases or diseases of the lung may be chronic or acute but need constant medical attention. Medical notes of case history, management and follow up as well as correspondence with the referring doctor need to be recorded and stored for future reference. Pulmonology Transcription involves conversion of the pulmonologist’s oral notes into accurate documentation for the archives and insurance purposes.

Eyered undertakes accurate, quick and reasonably priced Pulmonology Transcription for health centers and individual doctors in the United States. Our services are HIPAA Compliant and we guarantee confidentiality of your reports with an overnight turnaround time. The reports are edited and checked by specialists in India before being sent on to the client. We require no minimum contract and offer week’s free trial.

Documentation work flow in health organizations needs to be constantly monitored and only skilled and qualified transcribers can ensure smooth documentation of medical records. At Eyered our main aim is to ensure accurate documentation of all kinds of medical reports for the archives and insurance purposes.We offer pulmonology transcription which involves conversion of a pulmonologist’s oral or recorded notes into accurate documentation. Pulmonary diseases require constant medical attention and all related medical notes of case history, management, follow-up, and correspondence with referring doctors, etc need to be recorded and stored for future reference. We understand that pulmonologists are in need of quick solutions for their documentation work flow to help them improve patient care, hence we have assigned knowledgeable medical transcriptionists to each pulmonologist to ensure that our services are round to clock. Our quality control team ensures that the reports are edited and checked to ensure accuracy before delivering them to our clients. Our services are HIPAA compliant and reasonably priced for health organizations and independent doctors. We have safe and secure systems to maintain confidentiality of all pulmonology transcription and we also guarantee our clients with an overnight turnaround time. You can try our 7 day free trial that comes without obligations.

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