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Urology Transcription Services

Urological disorder is a very serious health issue that affects both men and women. It is a very specialized field of medical science and deals treatment and diagnosis of inconsistencies in the kidney, urinary bladder, prostrate, urethra, adrenal glands, male reproductive system etc. Several urologists also collaborate with other physicians such as a gynecologist, oncologists, pediatrics or other specialists to treat associated illnesses or disorders. Thanks to this the staff and nurses at the department have to handle a number of reports, case history of patient and other valuable findings which is relevant for treatment, making urology transcription an essential requirement.

Eyered offers end to end urology transcription service

Eyered is an experienced medical transcription service provider based in India. We offer medical transcription service for various specialties including urology. Our services are HIPAA compliant and the work is edited and checked by qualified specialists of the field before the urology transcription is submitted to the client.

We undertake transcription of radiology reports, laboratory results and surgical notes of patients under the urologist’s care. We also undertake billing, insurance and other correspondence so that the patient’s records are maintained meticulously and accurately.

Cost effective urology transcription service

With our medical transcription service you can achieve cost optimization by 60 percent. No minimum contract is required when signing up for our services and we even offer a free trial for a week. Contact Eyered today. Want to get more information? You can email us at or Call Us:- 91-98106-20086


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